2013. január 24., csütörtök

University of Economics

Facin the Danube, this Neo- Renaissance edifice was designed by Miklos Ybl (see p94) and built as the Main Customs Office in 1871–4. The facade is 170 m (560 ft) long and features a colonnade supporting a balcony. On the balustrade stand ten allegorical figures by August Sommer. In 1951, this building opened as a university specializing in economics and management. There is a statue of Karl Marx, after whom the university was once named, in the atrium. windows, while the interior features cast-iron Neo-Gothic motifs. The Great Debating Hall Budapest tours is decorated with mosaics designed by Karoly Lotz. Many antiquarian bookshops and galleries have now opened around here. Fashionable bars, restaurants and cafes, and the recent pedestrianization, make this a very charming area from the men’s section by a partition, and the division is further emphasized by the floor, which has been lowered by 30 cm (1 ft). The choir gallery is enclosed by an iconostasis that divides it from the sanctuary. This iconostasis dates from around 1850. The carving is by the Serb sculptor Miahai Janich and the Italian Renaissance-influenced paintings are the work of the Greek artist Karoly Sterio.

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